David and I met online through Instagram. He messaged me about videography, and we decided to meet in person. We both ended up liking each other, so when David asked me to be his girlfriend a few weeks later, I was beaming with happiness.

Not too long after that, David told me he was going to New York City for a business trip. He invited me, and I gladly agreed to go with him.

He ended up getting me my first, first class plane ticket and delivered a bouquet of flowers to my work that said, "See you in New York". The plane ride was relaxing, but I couldn't calm down from how excited I was to explore New York with him. When I landed, he picked me up from the airport and our adventures began.

The first day was full of exploring because he surprised me with tickets to MOMA where we saw authentic paintings by Picasso and Van gogh. After we felt inspired from the paintings, we walked around the city, took photos, and ate food.

The other four days were fun, too! We did lots of things like eating pizza, meeting friends, and driving through Times Square, which was oddly empty for NYC.

The trip didn't last a super long time, but it was packed with excitement. We will forever be inspired from that time because it showed us how well we work together as a photo/video team.